lunes, enero 23, 2017

When I saw all these dresses I felt that they actually make any beautiful woman look. That is why when a woman wears a dress safely, kills and kills with kindness and this reminds me of that song by Selena Gómez

And that is the true essence of women, an intelligent woman who knows what she is wearing and is totally convinced that she can achieve everything. The woman makes the dress, dress is just another complement for her.

This is a new year and as many people we will have our purposes and dreams. Many intends to graduate soon, others will have daughters who are going to make the communion soon or many others wish to marry one day with their loved one and have a dress of in dream.

Today, we will have a small guide that will help us choose those dresses in dream and have an idea of what we want. This selection was personally chosen by me and all the dresses of this collaborative post you can find in the amazing online store Aislestyle...I hope we share these same ideas or something like that.

The color of this dress I loved along with the cut and fall you have. Elegant and cute, it will make you look radiant and beautiful. Looks like an adorable classic dress.

Find it here

I've always loved the idea of wearing black at my graduation, but I never found a black dress. In this amazing online-shop I found many options that I loved and not only fell in love with black dresses if not other nice options, like the classic rose or red.

Ok, wait...Just look that dress, so amazing!.

Find it here

Another beautiful option

An angelic dress for a beautiful girl. This is a dress that seems to me that it has a modern design, but without leaving aside the classic touch that we like so much of the dresses for communion.
Find it here

4. Wedding Dresses

If one day I decided to get married, I'm sure I would wear a boho or vintage dress because I love them, I feel they are perfect and supremely cute.

¡Check my first  option!

Find this amazing dress here

"Women have served all these centuries as looking glasses possessing the magic and delicious power of reflecting the figure of a man at twice its natural size".- Virginia Woolf

I hope they have looked nice models that I chose and are encouraged to take a walk on the page  Aislestyle. Not being more, until soon to all. <3

And dont' forget: "KILL EM WITH KINDNESS"

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  1. The last dress is absolutely stunning!

  2. These dresses are so beautiful. I really love the last one. :)
    Sauniya | Find Your Bliss ♡


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