domingo, diciembre 11, 2016

Christmas time is here and so many girls dosen´t know what to wear on this important nigths, so im gonna show you girls, three amazing jumpsuits than may you will love as me in this collaborative post with the amazing online store Stylewe.

1.Masked Queen

Firts of all, nude continues be the infalible color to look sophisticated and so sexy. In my opinion this model jumpsuit is very amazing to style with high heel, hat and burgundy lips on christmas nigth. 

You can find this beautyful jumpsuit here
In second place, we have this georgeous burgundy jumpsuit wich remaind me the asian fashion. I think this jumpssuit is so elegant. Can you imagine this model with burgundy hight heels?

You can find this beautyful jumpsuit here

I know there are so many girls who loves wear black on christmas and i have to say than i love it too. The reason is simple: black always works. I think i am obssesed with this, cause is so minimalist and look just for fashion lovers.

Find this model jumpsuit here

This is one of my favs jumpsuits from Stylewe and reasons are obvious.
Find it here
 Gray slit
Gray on christmas? Why not? Is so sophisticated and even sexy. I think this option is absolutely perfect for this holydays. 
Gray jumpsuit here
 But what do you think? If you want to look more about Stylewe find they on Instagram here and for sure follow me, i am @handryfloresfloresha and obviosly i wanna see what are on your Instagram too. Let´s conect!

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11 comentarios

  1. Oh gosh that first jumpsuit is so freaking cute! I've been looking for something more conservative and stylist to wear since most stores have swanky outfits so I will need to check this site out more :)

    Stacey + thebambieyes.com

    1. Yaas is absolutely georgeous, dear! Amazing, go and take a look. Xoxo

  2. Great jumpsuits! Very cute!

  3. I am a huge fan of jumpsuits... and the first one is simply too gorgeous!

    Let's Talk About Everything
    Latest Post: Zaful Stripes in Pattaya

  4. Great jumpsuits, they are so stylish. I really like the first and last one. :)
    Sauniya | Find Your Bliss ♡

  5. A great entry, happy new year !🌲🌲


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